“male and female He created them”

It seems strange to many of us, but the above statement is today controversial. It is no longer part of the fabric of society that God made men and women equal but different, and that He made us to enjoy marriage and have children. And many of us are lost and confused by this cultural shift. May 5 – 7, Central Church welcomes Christian sexologist Dr Patricia Weerakoon and her son Rev Kamal Weerakoon. They will strengthen our marriages and families and help us understand the cultural changes we are experiencing. Patricia trained in medicine in the University of Sri Lanka and has worked in Australian Universities for many years. Patricia has translated her passion to bring good holistic sexual health to all people into practical sex education, sex research and sex therapy. Her writing and speaking brings together her enthusiasm for sex and her love for the glory of God. The Christian framework of sex therapy she offers has enriched and empowered the sex life of couples and singles. Her books include Growing Up by the Book, Teen Sex by the Book and The Best Sex for Life. Kamal Weerakoon is a Presbyterian Minister in Sydney who is a regular speaker and writer on issues of sex, sexuality and gender in our modern culture.

We will host 4 Events

  1. Friday night (6:30 pm) for youth as part of the 180 Youth program
  2. Saturday morning for couples. Patricia will use the Bible to help married couples grow in love and enjoy sex as God intended. Session will run from 8:30 – 12:20 with lunch. Click here to register
  3. Saturday afternoon for parents. Patricia will help parents of kids of all ages work out how to talk about sex, sexuality and gender with their kids.  Session will run from 1:10 – 4:30 Click here to register
  4. Sunday at all services for everyone Rev Kamahl Weerakoon will open God’s word so we can navigate some of the important challenges facing Christians today in the areas of sex, sexuality and gender.

All Day Saturday: $15 per person or $20 per couple (includes lunch and Refreshments)

Saturday afternoon only costs $5