Our Team

Rev Scott Muir

Senior Minister

Scott is married to Rebecca and they have five children. Scott usually preaches for our Sunday services and oversees our elders and the general direction of the church. As the ‘Teaching Elder’ Scott is involved in training and equipping both the ministry staff and church members more broadly.  He also assumes responsibility for the Grow area of the ministry.

Jason Budden

Connect Pastor
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Jason is married to Renee and they have five children.  After getting serious about Jesus, Jason and Renee headed to Sydney for Bible College and then to Spain, working in Madrid with a mission called Betel.  Since 2015 he has been in the Connect Pastor role at Central.  Connect is all about helping people connect with Jesus and the church.  That means Jason takes responsibility for how we take the gospel to the community.  There are many teams at Central that aim to do this and Jason oversees them, as well as training all of us to be ambassadors for Christ.

Natalie Newell

Ministry Co-ordinator
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Nat is married to Rob and they have three children. As Ministry Co-ordinator, Nat keeps the wheels of ministry running smoothly at Central.  She looks after our many volunteers, facilitates training and works alongside ministry leaders to support them in keeping Jesus’ mission at the centre of all we do.  She loves having ‘Serve Chats’ with people, helping them find their best fit for ministry within the life of the church and beyond.

Philip van’t Spyker

Family Ministry Worker
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Philip is married to Jessica and they have four young children.  Philip joined the Central team in 2016 in the Families Ministry role.  That means he works with our families and oversees our ministries to kids, teenagers and young adults.  At Central we believe it’s parents who have the primary responsibility for discipling their kids and Philip loves to encourage parents in this and ensures our children’s and youth ministries serve to support parents, partnering with them.

Keryn Hall

Kids’ Ministry
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Keryn heads up the KidzCentral team. She has been part of the Central Church family for many years and we’re excited to have her as part of the staff team. Keryn is a teacher and still works part-time teaching music at a local state school. As team leader of our KidzCentral ministry, Keryn keeps our kids connected to Jesus, growing to be like Jesus and serving as Jesus served. 

Troy Wilkins

Ipswich Assist Manager
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Troy is married to Angela and they have four boys to keep them busy. Troy and his family have been at Central Church since 2014. Troy oversees our crisis relief ministry, Ipswich Assist, which aims to provide help to people in need in Ipswich. This includes taking a leading hand in our annual Streetlinks event and Christmas events that love and bless the poor in our city.

Tim Parslow

CAP Debt Centre Manager
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Tim has joined our staff as a CAP Debt Centre Manager. CAP is an international ministry that aims to help people in substantial debt to become debt free.  As an outreach, this ministry gets alongside people when they are at their lowest and shows them the love of Christ and supports them with the community of the church.

Jenny Elmer

Church Administrator
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Jenny is married to Peter and they have two children. Jenny oversees the office and takes care of all church administration. Jenny is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things Central  Church!

Kylie Niebling

Assistant to the Minister
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Kylie is married to Daniel and they have two children. Kylie is usually the first person you will see when you come into the office and when you call us on the phone.   Kylie is responsible for the provision of organizational and administrative support to the Senior Minister and to the ministry team. Kylie is in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Emily Moman

Assistant to the Minister
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Emily is married to Anthony and has one child.  She is passionate about design and has a heart for music ministry.  Emily is in the office on Monday each week, and is always willing to re-format your documents to make them more pretty.