The Central Nervous System of Central Church is our homegroups network. Homegroups are where people connect. We encourage all people to join a group. Each group is slightly different, but most include the basics of food, conversation, discussions about faith and the Bible and support for one another.

Homegroup leaders are trained and appointed by the elders and aim to provide an opportunity for you to connect with Jesus and his people, grow in faith, and serve others just as Jesus served. Homegroups run at different locations and times all over the city. We’re sure to be able to find one that suits you.

Most homegroups use discussion guides that connect in with the Sunday Bible talk.

To join a group, contact Homegroups

Ian and Suzanne’s Story

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.48.08 pmIan and I are so blessed it is hard to stop and count the ways.

The first Sunday we arrived in Ipswich, we attend a 9 am service at Central and haven’t looked back. In moving to a new place, many things are uncertain, and especially when you are moving half way around the world. None of our emergency contacts for Sean would do us any good as we enrolled him in school.

Once the boxes arrived and the dust settled we were welcomed with open arms into a Homegroup. They have been an amazing extension of our family.

Homegroup gives us a great chance during the week to refocus our week on God, to read more into God’s word, to fellowship with other Christians and be kept honest in our walk with Jesus.

Plus it’s much more than that … our homegroup friends are the people we can call when the car won’t start and vice versa. And I am honoured to help when a fellow Homegroup member needs a meal or lift for their child to get to and from school. It’s like having another family.

Current Homegroups

Below is a list of the groups that are running at the moment. We are always keen to launch new groups, so contact us if you are interested in one of these or something else.


  • Morning group at One Mile for anyone
  • Morning group at Brassall for women (fortnightly)
  • Evening group at Newtown for men
  • Evening group at Raceview for young adults
  • Evening group at South Ripley for anyone


  • Morning group at Raceview for women
  • Evening group at Ripley for anyone


  • Afternoon group at Coominya for anyone (fortnightly)
  • Evening group at Kensington Grove (Hattonvale) for anyone
  • Evening group at Raceview for families
  • Evening group at Eastern Heights for anyone
  • Evening group at Raceview for anyone
  • Evening group at Bellbird Park for anyone
  • Evening group at Eastern Heights/Ipswich for men
  • Evening group at Flinders View/Raceview for anyone
  • Evening group at East Ipswich for women (fortnightly)
  • Evening group at Raceview for retirees (monthly)


  • Morning group at Ipswich for women
  • Afternoon group at Brassall/Karalee for anyone (fortnightly)
  • Evening group at Raceview for anyone
  • Evening group at Chuwar for young adults


  • Morning group at Karalee for women (fortnightly)


  • Afternoon group at Willowbank for families
  • Afternoon group at Collingwood Park for anyone (fortnightly)