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Sunday 22 April 2018

Thanks for joining us at Central Church today. If you are new at Central, please visit the Connect Desk before you leave. The team there will have some more information about life and ministries at Central Church.

Preacher:     Scott Muir

Series:            Upside Down Kingdom: The Sermon on the Mount

Talk 1:            Let’s Talk About the Good Life      

Text:               Matthew 5: 1 – 6

Today’s Message

What is the good life? Your answer to that question says a lot about what your desire most. As Jesus starts the Sermon on the Mount, he challenges worldly desires and calls us to desire something greater.

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Matthew 5: 1 - 6

New Sermon Series

Today we begin our new series on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). We’re calling it the ‘Upside Down Kingdom’ because all Jesus says seems so upside down when compared to what we usually believe. Jesus is calling us to a greater vision – of life as citizens of a greater Kingdom – the Kingdom of Heaven. The Sermon on the Mount is fascinating, relevant and extremely practical for how we live as God’s people in the world.

The New Series Booklets will be available for $3 from the Bookshop today or to download for free from the Church website.


Mission Week Thanks

A big thank you to all who were part of mission week last week. Kidz Club was amazing and the team from SMBC were a great help. Thanks also to those of you who served the SMBC in so many ways including hosting members, feeding them, and providing transport.


Ripley Prayer Group Meeting – Thursday 26 April

The next prayer meeting will be this Thursday

from 7pm, at Pier & Kathryn Franchini’s home,

19 Botany Dr, South Ripley. All are welcome!


Parent Lounge Use

Just a reminder that with all the new babies born, our Parent Lounge in the Auditorium will be getting a lot of use. This room is specifically for those who are feeding and tending to their babies before, during and after church. Thank you for your cooperation.



The Bookshop was recently restocked. Check out the new range of items for sale. If there is something you would particularly like, please write it on the order form.


YNET Conference  

We will consider what Christ-centred community is and how we can foster this amongst the children, teenagers and young adults we lead.

When:             Friday 4 May to Monday 7 May 2018

Where:           QCCC Mt Tamborine

Cost:               Full conference $230, full conference (no

accommodation) $180, Saturday or Sunday only $80



Queensland Theological College

Do you know someone who’s considering theological study? Bring them along, or send them along, to our next Taste of QTC Supper

Discuss with current staff and students about what theological study is like and whether it’s right for you. Hear about life at QTC, what we’re on about and meet our lecturers and staff. Ask your questions and consider your options. Queensland Theological College

When:             Monday 21 May, 7.30pm to 9pm

Where:           QTC, 369 Boundary St Spring Hill

Cost:               No Cost, but please register for catering purposes



Mark your Calendar for these events in Term 2

Lord’s Supper – Morning Church, 6 May

– Traditional Service, 3 June

– Night Church, 1 July

Thailand Compassion Mission Trip – Monday 14 to Sunday 27 May

Launch Camp – Monday 2 to Friday 6 July

Equip Workshops – Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 June


Streetlinks – Wednesday 13 June

Central Church and Ipswich Assist, will be hosting this event. Streetlinks will facilitate access to a range of services that will assist the homeless and/ or disadvantaged to find new pathways and connections. We would appreciate donations of non-perishable food items, travel size toiletries, blankets and clean used clothing for distribution on the day. Please bring them to church on Sunday or to the office through the week (by 11 June). Volunteers are needed in the following areas: set up on 12 June; help, pray, be a greeter/connect person on the day. If you can help, please sign on at the Connect Desk.

Please pray for

-ž Our families with new babies

-ž Tamara Peters and others facing health issues

The ‘Johansons’, Missionaries in the Philippines

Please Pray for

-ž The northern Isnag team as they begin working on building relationships and working on where they will locate. Pray for David as they work through things together via Skype and email

-ž The Ga’dang team as they work on developing foundational Bible lessons. They are close to  beginning teaching but the Brookes family have had to go to the States for Danny to get  treatment for a cancerous tumour. They sure would appreciate your prayers as they face this  challenge

-ž Us as we continue the process of becoming granny flat owners

Next Generation Ministries

Kidz Central

-ž Give thanks for the 3 new leaders who are serving at Kidz Central

-ž Pray that our kids grow in their love and knowledge of God

-ž Pray that they would live out their faith at church each Sunday, especially during morning tea time

Central Youth 

-ž Give thanks for the teenagers who served during holiday kids club

-ž Pray that youth leaders and teenagers grow in their love and knowledge of God during our  term 2 series on prayer

-ž Pray that God would develop our teenagers as prayer warriors who live out their trust in God through prayer

Prayer for Central Church and Beyond

If anyone is interested in receiving a weekly email that includes prayer points for the individual ministries of the church, please email Jenny ( and she would be happy to include you in the mail-out

Weekly Prayer Meetings

Sunday 8.00am & 5.45pm – Heritage Building

Monday Noon to 1.00pm – Ipswich Assist

Tuesday 1.30pm – Church Office Meeting Room

Ripley Prayer group (monthly) – contact Pier

Prayer Chain

If you are in need of urgent prayer, you can contact the co-ordinator giving details. Confidentiality is maintained, only those on the chain know the need.  If you would like to be on the chain, please contact Bernice, 5467 3303.

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Sunday  22 April 2018

Preacher:     Scott Muir

Series:            Upside Down Kingdom: The Sermon on the Mount

Talk 1:            Let’s Talk About the Good Life      Text:               Matthew 5: 1 – 6

Describe the good life in 9 statements or less.


Our beatitudes are self-centred; Jesus’ beatitudes centre us on God.


  1. Those Who Know they Need God Enjoy the Good Life


Blessed are the poor in spirit


The poor in spirit know they need God (Psalm 34:4-8)


  1. Those Who Hate Their Sin Enjoy the Good Life


Blessed are those who mourn (the emotional counterpart to poverty of spirit)


Those who mourn hate all sin and weep (Lamentations 1)


There is comfort for those who repent


  1. Those Who Know Their Place Enjoy the Good Life


Blessed are the meek


The meek have learnt to trust God’s power, not theirs (Psalm 37)


  1. Those Who Pursue Righteousness Enjoy the Good Life


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness


Do you pursue God’s way and will above all else?


Jesus is the King of his Kingdom and embodies its values and satisfies its people.

Staff Contacts

Senior Minister - Rev Scott Muir

Connect Pastor - Jason Budden

Grow Pastor - Philip van't Spyker

Ministry Co-ordinator - Natalie Newell