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Sunday 22 September 2019

Welcome to Central Church

Thanks for joining us at Central Church today. If you are new at Central, please visit the Connect Desk before you leave. The team there will have some more information about life and ministries at Central Church.   

Preacher:     Troy Wilkins

Series:            I’m With You – The Book of Ruth

Talk 1:            Come Home

Text:             Ruth 1: 1 – 22

Today’s Message

The book of Ruth may be the most beautiful story in the bible. This story has it all, tragedy, loss, despair, triumph, loyalty, romance and hope. It’s a story within an even greater story of redemption, God’s redemption for humanity. We begin our three week holiday series in Ruth, and today we will see that the best place to be is with God, but when we stray he invites us to come home. 


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Ruth 1: 1 - 22

During the 9am Sermon, a kids program will run in the Hall, and Creche for the little ones will run in the Session House. Kidz Central will start again after the holidays, 13 October.


Pres Life Magazine

The Presbyterian Church of Queensland produces a magazine called Pres Life for the denomination which more recently has gone digital. The publication will help you see things that are happening in the denomination around the state. The latest edition is here:


Ipswich Assist – Easy Tap Donations

Simply tap your card on the Donation Point station on the Connect Desk. It is preset to withdraw a $5 donation. Every little bit helps!


Property or Facility Concerns

If you find there is something that needs repair or if you have any concerns or issues regarding our facilities or property, please contact the church office.


Bookshop & Church Library

There is plenty of great material for sale at the bookshop or to borrow from the church library.

Library Returns

When returning something you have borrowed from the Church library, please put it in the specially marked box on the bottom shelf. Please do not put the item back on the shelf. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.


Staff Movements

Scott – Annual leave, 23 September to 8 October

Pier – ‘Refresh’ course 23 to 26 September

– Annual Leave, 28 September to 8 October

Jason – Annual Leave to 1 October


The Leprosy Mission Morning Tea

In 2005 Joel as abandoned by his family after he found leprosy spots on his face. Come and hear how The Leprosy Mission Timor found new friends and a new mission for Joel. Non, from the Leprosy Mission Timor will also share how supporters in Australia are helping eradicate leprosy in Timor. Merchandise will be available.

When:             Thursday 3 October

Time:               10am

Where:           Central Church Auditorium

Cost:               This is a free event. Donations to assist the work of

Joel and Nona would be welcome

RSVP:              Denise 0456 782 998,  


Women’s’ Connect Event

Come and enjoy a relaxed afternoon of handlettering, great food, meaningful conversations and a short bible talk from Dr Robyn Bain.

When:             Saturday 19 October

Time:               2.30 – 4.30pm

Where:           Central Church Auditorium

Cost:               $15 per person

Register:        Go to www.central


Mark your Calendar for these Events in Term 4

The Lord’s Supper – 10.30am Traditional Service, 6 October

– 9.00am Morning Church, 3 November

– 5.30pm Night Church, 1 December

Ipswich Assist Christmas Hamper Appeal – throughout term 4, we would welcome your donations of non-perishable food items, Christmas goodies, toiletries etc. More details soon!

Please pray for

-ž Those affected by drought and bushfires.  Continue to pray for good general rain!

-ž Tamara Peters and others facing health issues


-ž Give thanks for the prayer, encouragement, growth, and care for one another that has been evident in our home groups throughout the year

-ž Praise God for our recent Equip Workshops and pray that God will help us to minister to others using the skills we have learnt

-ž Pray for our Bible College students that they will be refreshed over the holiday period


-ž Pray for us all that we will honestly seek God through prayer and be open to having our hearts searched and challenged by the Holy Spirit

-ž Pray that we will respond in obedience to God’s call to be part of the great commission

-ž Pray that we will be willing to ask for help from the body if we are struggling to see how God has equipped us for ministry

Committee of Management

Praise for: volunteers who show us Jesus’ love by serving in humility and love; for the number of ministries Central Church can operate and support; staff who care for people and want to see God’s Kingdom grow

Pray for: increased giving to support the growing costs of running a growing church; safety across our sites; wisdom as we consider growth; humility to always remember that God is in control; COM members as the 2020 budget is drafted

The ‘Shepley’s – Missionaries in PNG

-ž Pray for us we move slowly through Acts and Romans with believers

-ž Praise God that Douglas has been doing an outstanding job of teaching the school aged young people. The Cult group are not happy about this but have not been able to shut it down


Weekly Prayer Meetings

Sunday 8.00am to 8.45am – Heritage Building

4.45pm to 5.25pm – Hall

Tuesday 1.30pm – Church Office Meeting Room

Ripley Prayer group (monthly) – contact Pier


Prayer Chain

Just a reminder, that we have a Prayer Chain, so that those in need of urgent prayer can contact the co-ordinator giving details. Confidentiality is maintained, only those on the chain know the need, and the person who is in need can divulge as little or as much as he/she desires. If you would like to be on the chain, please contact Bernice, 5467 3303


Prayer for Central Church and Beyond

If anyone is interested in receiving a weekly email that includes prayer points for the individual ministries of the church, please email Jenny ( and she would be happy to include you in the mail-out

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Sunday 22 September 2019

Preacher:     Troy Wilkins

Series:            I’m With You – The Book of Ruth

Talk 1:            Come Home          Text:             Ruth 1: 1 – 22

In the book of Ruth, we see up close the intentional guiding hand of God as he works towards the fulfilment of his promises and leaves his fingerprints all over the place for us to see. 


Our nature can lead us away from god so we have to ask ourselves, where am I?

Am I with God, living as he has commands, or am I doing things my way apart from Him?


How is that really going for you?



  1. Going Away


  • Elimelech takes matters into his own hands (v.1-2)


  • Distance from God never ends well (v. 3-5)


  • The hope in darkness (v. 6)



  1. Coming Home


  • The burden of regret (v. 7-9)


  • ‘Hesed’ love (v. 10-15)


  • Loyalty & Faithfulness (v.16-18)





  • The tale of bitterness (v. 19-21)


  • The hope of being home (v. 22)


God is calling you back home.






Staff Contacts

Senior Minister - Rev Scott Muir

Connect Pastor - Jason Budden

Grow Pastor - Philip van't Spyker

Ministry Co-ordinator - Natalie Newell