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Sunday 19 August 2018

Thanks for joining us at Central Church today. If you are new at Central, please visit the Connect Desk before you leave. The team there will have some more information about life and ministries at Central Church.

Preacher:     Scott Muir

Series:            Chasing the Wind – Ecclesiastes 

Talk 3:          Chasing Time 

Text:              Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – 15

Today’s Message

Our lives are dominated by the clock and sometimes it feels like time is the enemy.                     But the Bible assures us that time is God’s gift to us. How do you feel about this gift?

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Ecclesiastes 3: 1 - 15

Cherish Life Queensland

The lives of unborn Queenslanders are under terrible threat yet again. The Queensland Labor Government’s Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018 seeks to legalise late-term abortion and sex-selective abortion. The Bill is scheduled for a vote in the parliamentary sitting week starting on 16 October. There are a number of ways you can help: firstly pray; join the Brisbane March for Life, Saturday 1 September at 2 pm; sign a petition; write to MPs. For further information contact Cherish Life on 3871 2445 or


Safety for Children and Everyone on Sundays

Just a brief reminder for parents to keep a good eye on your children on Sunday mornings after church. We especially notice some children running inside and outside where people have hot drinks. We would ask that parents tell their children not to run around inside the auditorium or in the outside area where people are having morning tea. Please also remind children to keep off the stage. Finally, because the foyer provides clear access to the carpark, please ensure small children are not unattended in this area.


Bookshop & Library

There is a wide range of Bibles, books, DVD’s and CD’s for sale. A selection of Parenting Books was added to the Bookshop, for last week’s Parenting Seminar. Many are still available.

The library is also well stocked with books, DVD’s and CD’s. Anyone can borrow!

When returning something you have borrowed, please put it in the specially marked box on the bottom shelf. Please do not put the item back on the shelf. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Central Valley Church, Ripley, Vision Night (No Cost)

Come along to hear an update on how things are progressing with the Ripley Church Plant and see where you can be involved.

Check out the Video at

Help spread the word by sharing this event on Facebook

To help us with catering, please let us know if you are planning to attend. Some child minding will be available.

When:             Saturday 25 August, 7pm

Where:           Central Church Auditorium

RSVP:             Click on “Going” on our Vision Night event in Facebook

or contact Pier,


Equip Training Workshops (No Cost)

When:             Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 September, 7 to 9pm

Where:           Central Church Auditorium

Register:        Go to www.central or the Bookshop

Workshops:   Monday: Fruitfulness on Your Frontline

Tuesday: Parenting Wisely in a Tech Age

Wednesday: Faith at Work


CRI Network Fundraiser

A mystery thriller stage production of ‘‘Sleuth’ by Anthony Schaffer.

Support Christian Religious Instruction in our local schools.

When:             Thursday 4 October, 8pm

Where:           Incinerator Theatre, 15 Burley Griffin Dr, Ipswich

Tickets:          $25, includes supper

Purchase:      Loraine Dean 0411 463 083,        


Still to come this Term

The Lord’s Supper – Traditional Service:  2 September

– Night Church:  7 October

Fun & Adventure Camp – Sunday 30 to Saturday 6 October

Kids Weekender – Friday 26 to Sunday 28 October, for Years 3 – 6

Please pray for

-ž Desperately needed rain, especially in rural areas for our farmers. Pray for generous donations to help them through these difficult times

-ž Those affected by so many bushfires. Pray for safety for the brave firefighters battling the blazes

-ž Those facing health issues: Tamara Peters, Vicki Kirkwood and others

Ripley Vision Night & Church Plant

– ž Praise God for all the work He has done for the church plant seen and unseen, it is constantly amazing everyone involved

-ž Pray for the team as they prepare for Vision Night

-ž Pray for the Vision Night that it would be a fruitful and encouraging night in casting the vision of the church plant and growing the support base for the church plant

-ž Pray for community leaders that could be attending the Vision Night

-ž Pray that Central Valley Church would be used to reach many people with gospel of the Lord Jesus

Frontline Ministries

ž That we would all be mission focused

Connect Ministries

-ž Please continue to uphold the wonderful volunteers in our connect ministries throughout  the church. Pray that they continue to seek how to share the Gospel effectively in the ministries that they serve

-ž Pray that we would all love God’s mission both in Ipswich and around the world, living as salt and light and speaking gospel hope to everyone

-ž Continue to pray for our Chappies and our RI teachers as they continue to minister into the lives of children


Prayer for Central Church and Beyond

If anyone is interested in receiving a weekly email that includes prayer points for the individual ministries of the church, please email Jenny ( and she would be happy to include you in the mail-out


Weekly Prayer Meetings

Sunday 8.00am to 8.45pm – Heritage Building        5.45pm to 6.25pm – Heritage Building

Tuesday 1.30pm – Church Office Meeting Room

Ripley Prayer group (monthly) – contact Pier


Prayer Chain

If you are in need of urgent prayer, you can contact the co-ordinator giving details. Confidentiality is maintained, only those on the chain know the need.  If you would like to be on the chain, please contact Bernice, 5467 3303.

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Sunday  19 August 2018

Preacher:     Scott Muir

Series:            Chasing the Wind – Ecclesiastes 

Talk 3:          Chasing Time            Text:              Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – 15

Is time good or bad? Friend or enemy?


Lessons to learn from the Preacher:


  1. Enjoy the Rhythms of Time (verses 1-8)


There is a season for everything (verse 1)


A poem in celebration of time (verses 2-8)


We do well to receive rather than resist the rhythms of time



  1. Enjoy the Gift of Time (verses 9-13)


“He has made everything beautiful in it’s time” (verse 11)


God has made us within the limits of time, but this is good


Slow down and enjoy the time you are in



  1. Enjoy the God who Owns the Time (verses 14-15)


“What God does endures forever” (verse 14)


God is teaching us to fear him


  1. Know the Time

You live in the now but not yet


We accept the NOW, but we are people of the NOT YET


Staff Contacts

Senior Minister - Rev Scott Muir

Connect Pastor - Jason Budden

Grow Pastor - Philip van't Spyker

Ministry Co-ordinator - Natalie Newell