Sermons by Jason Budden

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Waiting Expectantly – Romans 8:18-25


Most people really dislike waiting.  But we are always having to do so.  We wait for a package to arrive in the mail, or we wait for our coffee to be made.  But today we are looking at a passage that tells us that we are waiting for something greater than a present under a […]

Slaves of Christ – Romans 6


Today we are looking at one of the big topics out of our last series in Galatians, slavery. Jason will be reminding us that we were trapped in slavery and now that we are set free what we can do to set others free from that.

Our Kind Saving God – Titus 3


Today as we finish our little series in Titus, we are looking at one of the greatest passages ever written about how God saves, and as we look at Titus 3 we’ll see that He saves us out of kindness.