Sermons by Jason Budden

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Slaves of Christ – Romans 6


Today we are looking at one of the big topics out of our last series in Galatians, slavery. Jason will be reminding us that we were trapped in slavery and now that we are set free what we can do to set others free from that.

Our Kind Saving God – Titus 3


Today as we finish our little series in Titus, we are looking at one of the greatest passages ever written about how God saves, and as we look at Titus 3 we’ll see that He saves us out of kindness.

Godly Leadership – Titus 1


Looking at Daniel and the way he lived such a Godly life has been a challenge for most of us.  Today we start a three week series on Titus, a wonderful little book that challenges us to live Godly lives.

Love Mocked – Mark 15:16-32


At Easter i we just look at the cross we only get a part of the depth of the suffering of Jesus. Today we’ll look at the way Christ was mocked and see the total depth of the suffering He went through for us.