Sermons by Philip van’t Spyker

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The One True Son


John, the Baptist comes preparing the way of the Lord. He calls people to repent and be baptised. He warns of the real danger of hell to those who ignore this call.

Treasure in Jars of Clay – 2 Corinthians 4


There are many ways to get someone’s attention and to manipulate someone.  This is especially important, if we don’t have a powerful argument.  God’s word is powerful and is more than able to do what God wants.  When we teach the Bible, we don’t need to manipulate it, we just need to present the truth […]

Hope – Daniel 8&9


God’s people will face hard times in the future. Jesus warned that wars and rumours of war will come. But through it all, God remains in complete control. Nothing takes him by surprise. This confidence ought to drive us to prayer.

What Happens When We Die?


Throughout this term, we’ve been looking at the death and Resurrection of Jesus. Last week we saw Jesus’ death on the cross, next week we continue the series with his resurrection. But for today, we’re pausing to ask the questions – where did Jesus go between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Did he go to […]