Sermons by Rob Nicholls

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Hope Through the Mess


Text:             Ruth 4: 1 – 22 Message Would God ever use me? Could He? What about in my ungodliness? What about in my flawed character? In this passage God answers these questions and demonstrates that His will is supreme for His glory and that He is active in all things.

Talk 2:  All We Could Ever Need


Series:            In the Beginning: The Glorious Gospel in Genesis 1-12 Text:                Genesis 2: 4 – 25 Message The Bible speaks of a God who gives graciously and abundantly. But lots of people get the impression that God’s all about taking, not giving. Today is In Genesis 2 we will see that from the […]

Talk 2: Where is the Justice?


Series:            Salvation Belongs to the Lord Text:             Jonah 3: 1 – 4: 4 Message Are there some people in the world that are so evil that they should go straight to hell?  Perhaps a terror group like ISIS or a serial killer. People that live for evil and have no good in them. […]