Sermons by Scott Muir

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Why the World Needs More Churches – John 17


The church does not always get represented well in the mainstream media. So you might wonder if the world really needs any more of them. As we see what the Bible says about the true nature of the church, the answer to that question will be evident.

Perseverance – Daniel 10-12


Are you impatient? Many of us are, especially when we see things that never get better. Many of us are impatient with our world. Things just aren’t getting better. The last vision in Daniel is a call to persevere because there will be an end, and it will be glorious.

Assurance – Daniel 7


With so much that is ugly in the world, where do we look for beauty and for justice?  Daniel 7 shows us the reality of a world gone wrong and also a solid place to put our hope.

Commitment – Daniel 6


Daniel is an excellent example of a man who finishes strong.  As an old man he remains firmly committed to his God even when persecuted.  But Daniel 6 is not a story about how good Daniel is:  it’s about how good God is.  That gives us immense joy and hope, even if we are not […]

Humility – Daniel 4 & 5


Something in us gets a little thrill out of seeing the proud fall.  I suppose it is the tall poppy syndrome, common in Aussies.  But be careful;  maybe it is you who is proud.  What will stop you from falling?  Today we will explore a fascinating story of pride and humility.

Courage – Daniel 3


If you have enough faith, will God make life easy?  It can be easy to look at the miraculous stories of the Bible and wish God would do a miracle in your life.  But as we look closer at these stories, we find God’s better miracles.  That’s true in Daniel 3.