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Jesus Forgives


Preacher:    Scott Muir Series:          Follow Me: Matthew 8 to 12 Talk 3:           Jesus Forgives Text:              Matthew 9: 1 – 17 Today’s Message: Jesus came with a mission that upset a lot of people.  They thought he came to be with the […]

Jesus Calls


Preacher:     Scott Muir Series:            Follow Me: Matthew 8 to 12  Talk 2:           Jesus Calls  Text:             Matthew 8: 18 – 34 Today’s Message Are you quick to sign up to new things or do you wait and see how things go? Jesus calls us to follow him, but he cautions us to be careful and […]

Jesus Restores


Preacher:     Scott Muir Series:            Follow Me: Matthew 8 to 12  Talk 1:           Jesus Restores  Text:             Matthew 8: 1 – 17 Today’s Message When things are run down or broken, it can be very satisfying to spend time restoring them back to their original condition, or even to improve on the original condition. There is […]

Don’t Give Up – 2 Timothy 4: 1-8


What motivates you more… the carrot or the stick?  Many people think the Bible is all about the stick – punishment for doing wrong.  But as we see today, there’s so much carrot to look forward to and this is what keeps us going in the hard times.

Don’t Fight – 2 Timothy 2:14-26


While we’d like to think that churches are places of peace and beauty where everyone always agrees, we’ve all experienced the reality that is far from this.  Today Paul shows Timothy how to handle troubles in the church. Note: There is no sound file available for this Sermon.

Don’t Get Entangled – 2 Timothy 2: 1-13


We live such cluttered lives that our focus on the important things in life can be easily lost.  It is particularly tragic when the Christian’s attention is drawn away from Jesus and his mission in the world.  Today we will see Paul’s prescription for persevering with Christ.