Sermons by Scott Muir

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Still Standing for the Glory of God – Romans 11: 33 – 12: 2


What’s life for? The purpose of life has been on the heart of human beings for thousands of years. The Reformation helped recover the Bible’s teaching that the life lived for the glory of God is the life filled with great purpose. Today we will explore how that worked 500 years ago and how that […]

Still Standing for the Bible – Mark 7: 1 – 13


Human nature does not tend to change. This year we celebrate the 500th year of the Reformation. It is fascinating to see that after 500 years, many of the same battles that were fought then are still relevant today. A big one is the question of authority. Today it is essential that we keep standing […]

Why the World Needs More Churches – John 17


The church does not always get represented well in the mainstream media. So you might wonder if the world really needs any more of them. As we see what the Bible says about the true nature of the church, the answer to that question will be evident.

Perseverance – Daniel 10-12


Are you impatient? Many of us are, especially when we see things that never get better. Many of us are impatient with our world. Things just aren’t getting better. The last vision in Daniel is a call to persevere because there will be an end, and it will be glorious.