Homegroup Discussion Guide

Weekly homegroup discussions follow the topic dealt with in the Sunday Bible Talk.  Our Homegroups discussion guides are called “Matthew 1 – 4 The One and The Ones who Follow”  In this series, we will be looking at Jesus.  He is the very centre not only of the Christian faith but of human history. He is the One sent from God as both King and Saviour for all. Just as he called his first disciples to trust him and follow him, he calls us to do the same.

We will spend this term having a detailed look through the eyes of Matthew at where it all began and how Jesus was a new start for the world and how he also gives a new start to us.  Copies of the Homegroup Discussion Guide are now available at the Bookshop or alternatively, to download a copy click on this link:  Matthew 1-4 Homegroup Guide


ChurchLIFE Magazine

ChurchLIFE is Central’s own quarterly magazine, featuring upcoming events, news, special interest articles and community connections for the church. To download the latest edition of ChurchLIFE click on this link ChurchLife Summer 2017