At the end of each term, we will put homegroups on hold and provide specific training workshops for the whole church.  Some of them might push you outside your comfort zone, but that’s good – there you learn to depend on God.

This term’s EQUIP Workshops run from Mon 17 Sept to Wed 19 Sept commencing at 7pm in the Auditorium.    Our Monday workshop is “Fruitfulness On Your Frontline”.  Come and join us for the third part of our Frontline series and learn how you can have an eternal impact with those on your frontline.    Our Tuesday workshop is “Parenting Wisely in a Tech Age”, come and join us as we delve into the tech world with a gospel lens and give some practical advice in this ever-changing area.  Our Wednesday workshop is “Faith at Work”, join us as we discuss the important area of living your faith at work, especially given the changing attitude to faith in our society.

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