Our plan is simply our mission: to make followers of Jesus by being followers of Jesus.

We believe Jesus is exactly who he said he was, the Son of God who came into the world to bring all human beings to eternal life. We exist therefore, to make a big deal of Jesus.

We also believe that the local church is foundational to Jesus’ plan to spread the news of his salvation into all the world. Therefore we are committed to growing our local church and planting more local churches where the Bible’s message of eternal life through Christ is proclaimed.

At the end of 2013, we identified 5 key areas that would help us keep moving forward on our mission. Our plan is to:

1. Empower our People

Fundamentally, we recognise that disciples make disciples. The church together is most fruitful when everyone understands that they are not consumers of ministry but doers of ministry. This requires growth and training. Our goal is that our adults and children will be – mature in faith, equipped for ministry and multiplying by sharing the gospel with others.

2. Embrace our Families

One-quarter of our total numbers on Sundays are children aged between 0 and 12. We realise that we have a great opportunity and responsibility to see young people growing up as mature, equipped and multiplying followers of Jesus. We want to walk alongside our families to enrich them as spiritual cores in which faithful followers of Jesus are nourished and grow.

3. Equip Ourselves for Church Planting

As Ipswich grows, more churches are needed. Planting churches is an effective way to multiply believers. Particularly, as the population expands into the Ripley Valley, Central Church is planning to grow up with the community there by starting Central Valley Church at Ripley in early 2019.

4. Explore Property Options

We realise that we are property rich as a church and that we need to steward faithfully the resources God has entrusted to us.

5. Improve our Ministry Steps

We understand that the vast majority of Ipswich people are unchurched. Even if they have a desire to make some connection with God, actually walking into a church is a big step. We want to make the steps towards faith in Christ easy for people. In 2016 we launched 2 new courses, Introducing God and Inside Central to help with this.