Where would we be without Google? All the answers at the tip of our fingers. When we have questions, most of us at least start with Google. Health questions. Home decorating questions. How to fix things questions. Even spirituality questions.

Over 5 weeks at Central, we want to step into that space and help you out. Google can be pretty random. So let’s go to the true source, the Bible, and find out:
Who is God (10 October)
Why Does God Allow Evil? (17 October)
What Does God think of Me? (24 October)
Will God Forgive Me? (31 October)
Why Does God seem Absent? (7 November)
We’ll tackle these topics with honest answers at all our church communities:
9 am Ipswich
9 am Goodna
10:30 am Ipswich (Heritage Building)
11 am Forest Hill
5:30pm Ipswich
Everyone is welcome

This series begins on Sunday the 10th of October across all campuses and services.

Click here for the series Homegroup booklet