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From the Heart – Matthew 14:34 – 15:20


Much that passes as Christianity is not actually Christianity. Many think they know what pleases God, but they’ve been fooled into believing something that is less than the gospel. Today we see Jesus confront people like this and it will help us examine if our hearts are truly right with God.

Satisfied – Matthew 14:13-21


Is God generous or is he keeping the good things from us? Without a doubt he is generous. If you cannot see this, you don’t really know God. Today you will see God’s generosity through Christ as we meditate on the feeding of the 5000.

Sell the Lot – Matthew 13:44-46, 51-58


Complete this sentence: “I’d give anything to have ….”. Jesus speaks to our deepest desires when he challenges us to think about what we’d be willing to give up anything for. Today we tackle this question and explore that which Jesus tells us is priceless.

A Resting Place – Matthew 13:31-34


Is Christianity on the way out? Some would have us believe so, but both the statistics and the infallible Word of God tell us otherwise. Today we will see not only how the Kingdom of God is growing in the world but also how it is good for the world.