Chasing the Wind – Ecclesiastes

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Chasing God – Ecclesiastes 12:1-14


The meaning of life can be a massive topic with many opinions.  In Ecclesiastes 12, we are given a very clear key to life.  Remember your Creator, fear and obey him.  This is the whole duty of man. This sermon concludes our Series: Chasing the Wind – The Book of Ecclesiastes Note: There is no […]

Chasing Better – Ecclesiastes 6:10-7:20


What’s better?  I think we all want what’s best, but in a world where absolutes are hard to know, we usually need wisdom to decide what’s better.  The Preacher in Ecclesiastes shares some such wisdom in this passage.

Chasing Contentment – Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:9


What makes you feel content?  Unfortunately, for most answers you might give, the contentment is temporary.  Temporary things can only provide temporary contentment.  Only one thing can give an everlasting sense of contentment which is what we will explore today.

Chasing Everything – Ecclesiastes 2


We live in a society with so much. So much food, entertainment, career options, shops, technology. We seem to have everything, except happiness. Today we will see how our obsession with chasing everything has led us away from the only thing we should be chasing.

Chasing Meaning – Ecclesiastes 1: 1 – 18


Why are we here? Throughout human history people have pondered the bigger questions of life, reflecting on what seems to be a meaningless existence. Ecclesiastes deals with these big questions and will ultimately hold out something better than what we find ‘under the sun’.