Human: Knowing You Knowing Me Known by God

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Spiritual Beings


Text:             Genesis 2: 5 – 7  Message “Are you a spiritual person?” Sometimes people ask that question. But it’s a strange question … is there any other type of person? God has given us bodies and spirits and understanding both makes a big difference to how you live.

Moral Beings


Text:             Genesis 2: 15 – 17, Acts 17: 24 – 34 Message Is there an absolute moral standard for all human beings? Some have tried to deny it but God has made us as moral beings, which is why we share a sense of right and wrong. But if there’s a standard, there’s also […]

Sexual Beings


Text:             Genesis 1: 26 – 27, Genesis 2: 18 – 25 Message God made the sexes and he made sex. And what he made was very good. In a world that has corrupted God’s good design, it is important that we affirm why God’s vision for men and women tells the best story for […]

Social Beings


Text:                John 17: 20 – 23 Message Are relationships worth it? People will disagree with you, disappoint you, and even disrespect you. But relationships are also be some of the richest parts of our lives. Today we see that God has made us as social beings and why it really matters. Next Week: Talk […]

Special Beings


Text:             Psalm 8  Message What is significant about being human? Are we just animals or has God created us differently? Today we will explore this relevant question of human nature and human identity.   Next Week: Talk 2: Social Beings