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Hope Through the Mess


Text:             Ruth 4: 1 – 22 Message Would God ever use me? Could He? What about in my ungodliness? What about in my flawed character? In this passage God answers these questions and demonstrates that His will is supreme for His glory and that He is active in all things.

Hope in Tragedy

Preacher:     Joel Jeevaraj Series:            I’m With You – The Book of Ruth    Text:             Ruth 2: 1 – 18 Message We all have needs in life. However, when those needs are not met, it can be tempting to disobey God. Today we will see how he always provides for his people, even when it’s […]

Come Home


Series:            Ruth – I Am With You Talk 1:            Come Home Text:             Ruth 1: 1 – 22 Message The book of Ruth may be the most beautiful story in the bible. This story has it all, tragedy, loss, despair, triumph, loyalty, romance and hope. It’s a story within an even greater story of […]