Sermons by Troy Wilkins

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Seeing is Believing


Text:             John 20: 24 – 31 Message In this day and age, you can access you tube video’s, live stream just about anything and get instant detailed information about events as it happens, on just about any device. It seems as though we need concrete proof before we will believe that something has happened. […]

Come Home


Series:            Ruth – I Am With You Talk 1:            Come Home Text:             Ruth 1: 1 – 22 Message The book of Ruth may be the most beautiful story in the bible. This story has it all, tragedy, loss, despair, triumph, loyalty, romance and hope. It’s a story within an even greater story of […]

Running from a Relentless God


Series:            Salvation Belongs to the Lord Text:             Jonah 1 – 2 Message When God speaks we should listen right? Well of course we know the answer is YES! But sometimes that is easier said than done. Today we will look at God’s mission for Jonah and how he responds to it.